Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-13

by admin | 13th June 2010

  • New blog post: Our Philosophy http://milkmoneyconsulting.com/our-philosophy-3/ #
  • Engineer Mac Attkisson headed to Australia to work with Bangladesh for a couple of weeks. Insert kangaroo or shrimp/barbie remark here. #
  • Graham Marsh tracked and co-mixed Gnarls Barkley's "Going On" for Puma's "Love Equals Football" World Cup campaign. #
  • Graham Marsh mixing Cee Lo's "What Part of Forever" for new Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack. Amazing! #
  • "Sam, don't get on the plane!" Sam Thomas staying in LA to work with JD and B.Cox. Should be a fun week. #
  • Wonder how engineer Sam Thomas is doing in LA? Wonder if he'll call Troy Manning? How's Ginuwine doing? #
  • I'm convinced. Miracles do happen, even financial ones…like getting paid for 5 sessions in 2009 from June – Dec 2009!! Go Milk Money! #
  • B Cox is busy working in LA, his engineer (our guy!) Sam Thomas will join him in sunny but chilly LA. Ginuwine's working on a new LP. #
  • Sony/ATV Publishing, great catalog AND timely, consistent accounting too! Paying bills to the engineers very much on time!! We love that. #
  • Does anyone know if Scooter Braun is out of jail after the Justin Bieber escapade? #
  • Virgin was smart to sign The Constellations..they are hungry, road dogs and musically titillating. #
  • Constellations are recording at Maze, ATL. fun as h..l and cool as s..t. Road weary, studio hungry, cigarette smoking bunch of fellas! #
  • Dreams do come true. thanks to a helpful, special A&R admin person who pushed a 2008 invoice thru for payment. SHE rocks. #
  • Never a dull day here: @_constellations doing a little throwback recording today. Beer and birthday cake… #
  • Happy Birthday Monica Tannian!! #
  • Want to hear what Cee Lo has been working on in LA. Milk Money's engineer Graham Marsh is on wk #4 out with LO. #
  • Artist/Producer Novel is back making NEW music with our engineer Carlton Lynn. What a voice that man (Novel) has!! #
  • Milk Money's Music Director Michael Baker on the road with Whitney Houston. They'll be in England touring thru april 26th. Long Europe tour. #
  • Ben Allen's production – The Constellations make Hits vibe raters, entering @ #16
    http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/vibe/vibe.cgi?rank16 #
  • Epic's Lenka is finishing up hot song in ATL with producer Ben Allen today. Super Summer song! #
  • Strange luck. We're asked for a Memphis based engineer. Find one, set up mtg..and poor guy ends up with speeding tix and a missed mtg. #
  • We're keeping Australian born artist LENKA busy here in ATL while she's recording with our producer Ben Allen. So what is a Tim-Tam? Roo? #
  • To the engineers today who benefited from our successful collection of 2009 invoices, do the money dance !! Keep that money coming! #
  • Epic recording artist Lenka in Maze today with Ben Allen producing and Rob Gardner recording. Wonder what avg pollen count is in Australia? #
  • New blog post: Milk Money Music Engineers, Sam & Exit, Keep Pepsi bubbly for World Cup! http://bit.ly/dmoyJK #
  • New blog post: Non-Attachment is a Key to Success! http://milkmoneyconsulting.com/non-attachment-is-a-key-to-success/ #
  • Atlanta Artist Blair Crimmins is working with us at Maze Studios and engineer Rob Gardner. #
  • Graham Marsh's stay in LA with Cee Lo finishing his record seems productive so far! All the leaves us to do is keeping paperwork straight! #
  • Milk Money provides a variety of services…to our music business community. Don't think I would've imagined the scope of our skills. #
  • Anyone up for a drive to post bail at Dekalb County Prison? Inconvenient but necessary. #
  • New blog post: Music Biz Downturn Affects Everyone – Not Just Artists http://bit.ly/95xoU8 #
  • Big ups to Milk Money engineer Sam Thomas, who mixed on #1 and #2 albums on Top 100 this week (Beiber and Monica). Good work Sam! #
  • Atlanta has some great musicians. It made our job of finding a string quartet and HORNS easy for a recent session at Doppler Studios. #
  • Seems like we're finally making headway on collecting various 2009 invoices! Was it the full moon? or all the emails and phone calls?? #
  • Graham Marsh and Cee Lo putting in crazy hours in LA this week. How close is Roscoe's to the studio? #
  • Looks like we have Milk Money engineer Mac working with producer Bangladesh again today…writing up a storm. #
  • We put the string & horn players together and booked the studio for this incredible Ben Allen session at Doppler Studios today. Handling biz #
  • Producer Ben Allen using his musical chops for string and horn charts today with Milk Money engineer Carlton Lynn! #
  • Was outside talking to Cee Lo about his project. A fan drove by and saw Cee-Lo. He was genuinely excited to meet and get a pic with Lo. #
  • Studio Snacks -I am trying to encourage healthy, mindful eating. Yea Right..in a studio? Coffee, Soda (Red Bull), salty snacks are required. #
  • New blog post: LFZ Test http://milkmoneyconsulting.com/lfz-test/ #
  • Wondering if our 'calendar' year is somehow defined differently amongst some Clients?? Are Nov 16 and March 23 really only 30 days apart? #
  • tap tap tap -feeling my crystal ball of music biz receivables plugging in! Tricky's camp comin' thru with Ciara loot, oh look, Akon $ too! #
  • How good to see an artist mgr Kevin Patrick be in Atl with Matt & Kim, giving them space and talking 'game plan' simultaneously. Kudos!! #

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