Non-Attachment is a Key to Success!

by Monica | 7th April 2010

As a manager of top flight music producers and engineers I am constantly meeting the challenges caring for their personal lives as well as their livelihoods.  It’s one of the things I’ve learned to do well in my years in this business.  My ‘job’ is primarily about providing solutions, and the multiplicity of day-to-day needs is the best training for what the Buddhists call “non-attachment.”

Non-attachment is not the same thing as not caring.  Oh, far from it!  Non-attachment absolutely requires the ability to plug in, to be mindful, attentive, and pro-active.  But what the skill of non-attachment creates for me and my clients is a sense of equanimity.  It allows me to maintain a positive attitude and to stay humble when the flow of the day-t0-day gets interrupted by a business crisis, or a personal problem.  Take for example:

Desk Angel

Monica Tannian at her desk with Laxmi at her guard: "Sometimes the spirit of "Non Attachment" is just the thing everyone needs to get through the challenges of a business day!"

Artist “A” calls for an “Emergency” last minute session…on Christmas eve day or 7PM on a Friday.  It requires massive jumping through hoops with no record company personnel to confirm a purchase order… And after an afternoon of disrupting my other business to move mountains, schedule studio and musicians, book the engineer, etc, the artist cancels the session.

When? A half our in advance, because he/she was tired.  Haha!  Trust me, it happens regularly!

Or: Artist “B” has a wife AND a girlfriend, and they both show up in the studio at the same time.

Or: Engineer “C” gets hauled into jail for an over-abundance of parking tickets! A bail out is needed AND the session he was trying to get to is left ‘engineer-less’ until we find another.

Or: on the more business-technical side; I have to deal with publishing issues all the time, get clear splits on songs and caution writers/producers about using SAMPLES. When an uncleared sample appears on a track , put in as a musical space holder…just so the artist and producer can “hear what it will sound like,” then of course when it’s submitted  for approval  without replaying the sample, they  ultimately lose 50% of their publishing because the label wants it with the sample, and has to pay a premium to get it cleared.

It is essential for me, as the go-to ringleader in these scenarios, to maintain an attitude of non-attachment.  Non-attachment forms the bedrock of my professional demeanor. And it’s why I’m able to keep things stable when issues flare up, and it’s why clients trust me with their professional and their personal needs.  Non-attachment facilitates continuing relationships in times of turbulence, ensuring continuity for my business, and for my clients’ business – and for me not to take it all personally.

3 Responses to “Non-Attachment is a Key to Success!”

  1. May 4th, 2010 :

    Thanks for the advice,with love always George Ellis Holliday”Producer-SongWriter”

  2. Jun 13th, 2010 :

    […] blog post: Non-Attachment is a Key to Success! […]

  3. Kristine and Katherine Ker

    Apr 16th, 2011 :

    Hi Monica,it’s Kristine and Katherine KER the twin girls that Harold Sellers introduced you too.We were wondering if we could maybe talk to you about some music advice.We really want to try to start making a career out of our singing duo and we want to start recording soon… we would be so happy if you could help us in any way only if you can get the time to do so because we know you are busy!Thank you, and my number is 1-864-491-3960or just e- mail me, have a beautiful day….

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