Weekly Tweets for 2010-06-20

by admin | 20th June 2010

  • Ben Allen's back at home in Athens, GA to produce new Deerhunter album. Working at Chase Park Transduction. We love that studio. #
  • Piece on @pitchforkmedia about new Cut Copy record mixed by Ben Allen: http://bit.ly/c2Xe9d #
  • Ben Allen mixing MIA's XXXO featuring Jay-Z: http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/5119/mixremixes.jpg #
  • Thanks @Avastor for the press release on Graham Marsh. Between Ben Allen and Graham, you're the only hard drives in our studios. #
  • this hold music is totally from the playboy channel… #
  • Graham Marsh in LA to MD Cee Lo's new all female band for Leno performance tonight. #

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