Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-09

by admin | 9th August 2009

  • Miles Walker and Sean Garrett working hard, cranking out the hits!! They never stop unless they're getting on a plane! #
  • Lyfe Jennings had Vernon Mungo working him for the last couple of nights. Fun sessions. #
  • Having NPR play in the background while doing 'Saturday' stuff is comforting. Between News and articles I feel I can step outside my world. #
  • Watering the yard today. Hot and dry here in Atlanta. I can hear the plants thanking me :). #
  • Maze Studios – Atlanta, GA open time while Ben Allen heads to NYC to work. Call us 404-685-1697 for time. #
  • Did you know that Kenya is so short on water that they can't run their Hydro Electric plants full time? Nairobi will have 2 day/wk no power #
  • Cee Lo is headed back to the ATL which means our Graham Marsh will have some time for Cee lo and The Falcon Lords. Can't wait #
  • Jet setter Karl Heilbron flies in from working with Jay-Z and Jeezy in Cleveland to help with Jeezy's studio bus install. Then on the road. #
  • Exit and Akon have disappeared into the world of studios again, working on the hits! #
  • Ben Allen's headed back to NYC to work with Animal Collective again! Very fun. #
  • Luckily, happily he's back at work with me and many of the milk money gang are working like crazy #
  • Finally I have a moment to update. Things have been tough with my pal Coltrane being very sick #

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