Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-26

by admin | 26th July 2009

  • Sunny Cali wouldn't be the same without some recording work happening. Graham Marsh is on his 2nd wk with Lo, cooking up hits! #
  • Musican/Producer Mike Hartnett headed back up to Nashville for a couple of intense writing sessions. GO KOBALT Music Publishing!! #
  • Looks like reality of Karl Heilbron will be the Jeezy tour bus recording songs for the next month!! #
  • Gorgeous Day here in the ATL, helps clear out the cobwebs, plenty to do. #
  • As small fruit and vegetable vendors who don't pay their 'dues' end up dead. Fear is a strong distractor! #
  • Kenya internal corruption discourages the human spirit of those simply trying to make ends meet. Their own version of Mafia wins #
  • Totally different news – my sister Joyce in Kenya – experiences corruption at the highest levels and tries to remain focused. #
  • N'dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies), fabulous singer and songstress, will grace the ATL soon with a vocal session. Can't wait! #
  • Looks like Jeezy's tour is gonna involve a recording engineer too! Gues that means Karl Heilbron is headed out with him!! #
  • Atlanta is sunny and hot, but IBIZA, a small island off of SPAIN has water, hot looking people AND Exit with AKon!! #
  • Mixer Sam Thomas has his home studio rigged for excellent mixing…Working hard. #
  • JLack, producer and Usher's brother is cranking out the hits with our engineer Rob Skipworth, long nights of working. #
  • Mac Attkisson will be back with Bangladesh with a LIVE DRUMMER Sweet! #
  • Exit's engineered in hotel rooms, a tour bus, studios, back stage rooms…anywhere in any country for Akon. He's still in CANADA. #
  • HUGE Complete and Full Solar Eclipse happening on 7/21/09. #
  • Bangladesh over here at the studio with Engineer Mac Attkisson. #

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