Weekly Tweets for 2009-07-05

by admin | 5th July 2009

  • Engineer Karl Heilbron is taking it easy after a 21 hr session with Jeezy and Justice League & Polow da Don. No session tonite! #
  • Solitaire's busy with more Akon mixing. Ben's scrounging for coffee before he mixes more of The Whigs. #
  • busy day , wheew. Great news, Sam Thomas mixed Ginuwine's "Last Chance" single, now #9 on the R&B Charts ! B COX producing! #
  • Grant Henry & 13 others are on a trench coat suicide mission to Neverland. Let's see if it works. #
  • Waiting to see if MIles Walker will be mixing a London song today and Rob Skippy Skipworth is working with JLack (Usher's Brother). #
  • Graham Marsh is snorkeling somewhere off the coast of Thailand, Cee Lo is hoping to see him soon in the studio! So are the Falcon Lords. #
  • Soltaire Studios has an Akon mix going with Exit, Ben's busy mixing/finishing THE WHIGS in Maze and Sam TOTALLY PIMPED out the Black Room. #
  • Vernon Mungo…in the house. Guess it's then end of the month again. Good to see him. #
  • Trances Arc are finishing their mix stint here at Maze with producer Dan Dixon…of Drop Sonic fame. #
  • There was no 'good time' to hear the news of MJJ's passing, but being hot and sweaty and on stinky tour bus heightened the tragedy. #
  • Akon's off to South Africa leaving Exit here to mix! Guess the bus trip was HOT, AC busted 2x, the toilets backed up but music was made. #

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