Weekly Tweets for 2009-06-28

by admin | 28th June 2009

  • Tony Reyes killed a Vivian Green song, Smokin! Mike Hartnett still on the road withe Rehab enjoying HEAT at Click's in Tyler, TX. Wheewhee #
  • Ben Allen took several days of vacation before mixing the Whigs, Paul Sheehy's working with Treyz Song. We're drinking a beer in the office. #
  • Exit on the grind with Akon, working, having fun and enjoying temperature over 100 in the Southwest. Miles headed up to do a London mix. #
  • We'll see, hoping Cee Lo does work tomorrow with Paul Sheehy. Graham Marsh extends honeymoon..is that good or what?? #
  • Married Graham Marsh…still on his honeymoon. Thailand must be lovely! #
  • huge question – how do you best support a friend who shares they just found out they have cancer..and have no health insurance? IDAMN #
  • Good thing Ben got a temporary break from finishing The Whigs, just glad to have Juno for the week! Coltrane now has his buddy back. #
  • Sam Thomas here at Solitaire with Hitlab/Akon artists Sachili and Pamela..hot girls hot voices and music. #
  • Who needs an alarm clock with a 10wk old kitten? Ponce has WAY to much energy at 6:15am..Carpe DIem! #

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