Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-31

by admin | 31st May 2009

  • Glad I was sitting down when I opened a check from Music World…paying a 2006 invoice. Miracles do happen!! #
  • Actress?singer Jasmine is killing it in the studio today on a Graham Marsh Produced track/Speeech written song. AND it’s sunny here! Geez. #
  • Wondering if Exit will end up working in the UK for a few weeks this summer?? #
  • Sean Garrett is in Japan, so Miles gets a week off!! Time to look for a place to own. Sam’s mixing Slimmy and Mac is busy with Bangladesh. #
  • Graham Marsh is busy working and getting ready to be married!! Ben Allen’s sewing up details to start the Whigs project June 1. #
  • With all the rain Atlanta has had, are we still in a drought? Really?? #
  • New Arrested Development sounds dangerously HOT. Surprised and glad that Universal paid out on some November 2008 sessions – Asher Roth. #

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