Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-24

by admin | 24th May 2009

  • BMI’s Dave Claassen is a non-Twittering music biz guy…but he’s a hard working, music loving kind of guy #
  • Sam’s coming back to Atlanta, Ben’s out of town with The Whigs, Miles’ with Sean Garrett, Rob’s over at DTP, Tony’s with Corporal. Workin’! #
  • Sam Thomas in Houston with producer B Cox. And Exit???maybe going to Dubai? Jay Harren & Ollie stopped by to visit with Ben Allen. #
  • Nothing like an electric chainsaw to knock a few things off the home ‘to do’ list!
    What a productive, exhausting morning before work!! #
  • I’m in heaven. Gonna get my hair done by Suzie AND be fed a scrumptuous dinner by Tony Reyes. GREAT friends, GREAT food. #
  • Looking forward to Kate Earl’s Records (uni/republic) to come out! Ben Allen h as the single ‘Melody!’ #
  • English Record Copmany – Domino Records – home to Lightspeed Champion, Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeyes, Franz Ferdinand PAID FAST! Cheers #
  • Did anyone else do that awesome Modern House Tour that happened hear in Atlanta this weekend? Super interesting. Homes were gorgeous! #

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