Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-10

by admin | 10th May 2009

  • Long, full day. Tired and happy. Beautiful Parks in Copenhagen and such a joy to be around talented people! Watch out for the cyclists!!! #
  • Bangladesh working hard this week..again! Karl and Jeezy haven’t stopped writing new tracks. Akon and Exit making music in London! #
  • I agree with Ingrid Michaelson, Nutella is awesome and Nutella crepes are HEAVEN on Earth especially good while eaten walking in the wind! #
  • Thai food in Denmark?? Really? Great company Tommy Gee, wife Lia, Graham & Ben then to ‘The Living Room’ a cool bar/coffee place. Vibey. #
  • I miss Coltrane, I admit it. Rainy & cold in Denmark but awesome talent and writers with great spirits! #
  • Graham Marsh made it to Copenhagen with a quick stop in Sweden. Producer’s Forum is excited to have him. Shower, coffee, GO! #
  • Helsinger, Denmark – the catacombs at Kronborg castle are eerie, dark, damp, deep and wet. Felt good to get back in the sunshine. #
  • Milk Money in Europe. Graham Marsh on his way to join us in Copenhagen!! Ben Allen meeting great Danish writers. Exit in Amsterdam w/Akon. #
  • New Yorkers – Water is Life Kenya Benefit Event – my sister Joyce back to perform Wed MAY 6, & 7:30 The Players Foundation. Music, $, Water #
  • Early Dawn, Gray Skies, Rained all night in Copenhagen. Exit mixing Akon artists, Karl Heilbron back with Jeezy & Mies with MR. Garrett. #

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