Weekly Tweets for 2009-04-19

by admin | 19th April 2009

  • Mourning Doves have a special light blue circle around their eyes. One is staring at me through my window while feasting on premium seed. #
  • For the record, my chiropractor Dr. Phil McWilliams is the BEST! I’m so lucky…and so can you be if you need him. #
  • Exit keeps traveling with Akon, Mac is back in with hot producer Bangladesh, Graham Marsh is cooking up a remix and Ben Allen is finally … #
  • Mac Attkisson is engineering for Bangladesh tonite…whose writing with Slim. Nice…and heavily populated. #
  • Looking for fund raising ideas for my sister’s non-profit http://www.kenyawaterislife.com. The Maasai are suffering with the drought. Critical. #
  • How many loud writing sessions does it take to blow (4) 15″ Tad woofers in the room???hmmm? #
  • BMI writers Rayla and Adonistar working here with Graham Marsh, very upbeat POP :)! #
  • Birds feeding on the office window sill, dogs hanging close by and a busy morning of sessions and great music! Simple pleasures. #
  • Our dogs here start their evening ‘feed circling’ before 6p hoping to wear us down just in time for 6p. Clockwork. #
  • Duh, Puerto Rican duo…2 words Puerto & Rican. Wisin y Yandel. Spelling is key here. #
  • Joining us today at Maze & Solitaire Studios while Grand Ole Party finishes with Ben Allen, is hit producer Bangladesh, w/Mac Attkisson engr #
  • Exit recorded Akon’s vox on Puertorican reggaeton Duo Wisn y Yandel in NYC. He had a blast and the song is a Smash! Milk Money worldwide! #
  • Engineer Exit was hanging with the European crew in Amsterdam last night and back here in the US with Akon today working in NYC!! #
  • The band Grand Ole Party is finishing here at Maze Studios with Ben Allen. Comin’ down the home stretch with a rockin’ record! #
  • What happened to the sun from ‘Sun-day?’ Gonna have duck here in my backyard real soon. #
  • Mornin’, waiting for the New Tricks girls to tell me the great Word Press stuff they learned in New Orleans!! Belly and brain food! #

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