Kym Hurley


Project Coordinator, MMC

Some people say that Kym Hurley was born to a Russian nuclear physicist in a fall-out shelter somewhere in the frozen expanse of Siberia; that when she was 13 years old, she was sent out on foot to find her way to Saint Petersburg to retrieve a set of hand-made fuses and a sample of Ytterbium-172 of 47% purity, to be used in in the construction of a chemical laser. Others say that Kym was actually sent to Moscow, and not Saint Petersburg. A third school attest that Kym isn’t actually from Russia, but that she was a champion train whistle player for seven years, an achievement which ultimately led her to a career in arts and music marketing.

While we may never, ever know where Kym actually came from, we do know that she is highly talented with managerial and administrative affairs, and so we were thrilled when she joined the team. And we know that Kym did have a hand in the development of a Ytterbium laser design that ultimately went into production for use in Doppler cooling ion trap experiments.

Fun Facts About Kym

1) Favorite letter of the alphabet:  V

2) Least favorite element on the periodic table: Lutetium (the element that proceeds Ytterbium)

3) First concert ever: Paul Simon

4) Secret special talent:  “I can get cats to walk around on their hind legs while waving both front paws back and forth above their heads.)

5) Some place you’d like to go:  Siberia

6) Never travel without: “My lucky kangaroo statue. I never fly without it.”

7) Favorite type of food: Indian