Justin Kahler

Justin KahlerProducer / Engineer

Justin Kahler, (born in Atlanta, GA) is a producer, engineer, and songwriter. He was always surrounded by music at an early age and by the time he was 15, he was offered his first contract. At 17 he began placing songs, and expanded his production talents in a wide variety of genres.

After graduating SAE Atlanta in 2007, Justin met Grammy award winning engineer, Carlton Lynn, and started interning at Soapbox Studios. He worked his way up to assist on sessions for various artists such as; Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Bangladesh, Ciara, Novel, and many other notables. His work as an Engineer and worked with India Arie, Bryan Michael Cox, J-Lack, Day 26, and many others.

Justin recently joined Lost Poets, Inc and has been hard at work collaborating with Grammy award winning artist, Novel Stevenson. Justin’s latest production can be found on Lecrae’s “Church Clothes II” album for the song “If I Die Tonight”, featuring Novel:

Justin’s Credits

2013 – Lecrae/Novel – “If I Die Tonight”, from the “Church Clothes II” album.

2013 – Orlando Jones – Engineer/co-producer – Various songs for the “Tainted Love” sound track.

2013 – Novel: Producer/Engineer – Various titles on upcoming album.

2012 – Novel: Producer “Underwater Overwhelmed” EP iTunes Link

2012- Margaret Cho: Engineer for various parodies

2011- J Lack: Engineer for J Lack’s “I’m Ready” submission for Usher.

2011- Bryan Michael Cox: Engineer for Bryan Michael Cox & Bobbi Love’s “Disappearing Act”.

2010- Atlantic Records: Mixing Engineer/Producer for B-Rossi’s debut EP.

2009- Def Jam: Assistant Engineer for Young Jeezy. (Various sessions).

2009- Bangladesh Productions/Gucci Mane/Warner Bros.: Assistant Engineer for the song entitled “Stupid Wild” (“Bitches Wanna”).

2009- Bangladesh Productions/Gucci Mane/Warner Bros.: Assistant Engineer for the song entitled “Lemonade”.

2009- HGTV: Various production for an episode of House Hunters.

Fun Facts About Justin

Most unusual job: I had a summer job when I was a kid teaching children from other countries how to use computers. I’d say there were over 30 kids, all from different countries. I can only speak English so they thought I was the funniest person in the world.

Most interesting place traveled: So far it would have to be Thailand, hands down. 

Why music:  For me, there’s no better feeling in the world than watching someone truly connect to something that you’ve created.

Favorite food:  I love Reese’s peanut butter cups.