Weekly Tweets for 2009-08-16

by admin | 16th August 2009

  • Wondering why successful people (artists) often have poor payment habits. Just doesn't make sense. Is it their choice or their biz folks? #
  • Should be a great show for the Contstellations Sat. 8/15 at Stats in the ATL. Can't wait! #
  • Looks like Bangladesh and our Mac Attkisson will be working this evening. Graham Marsh and Cee Lo are back at it here in the ATL…working!! #
  • Sammie Thomas is off on a private jet to San Diego for some weekend sessions. BIg fun and great musical opportunities too. #
  • Everyone knows Karl Heilbron is on the road…his facebook updates are complete with tour bus photos!! #
  • Happy to come home and listen to artist Zack Soufrine's version of our (Tommy Gee & JInja) song RadioFreak! Slammin' Song!! #
  • Keep your eyes on the streets of NYC as engineer Miles Walker is looking for some good Chinese or Asian food. Help him out!! #
  • Finally Jeezy's touring/studio bus in on the move, Karl is a happy engineer. #
  • Ben Allen is up to his ears in great music working in NYC with Animal Collective. #
  • Akon & Exit finishing up the requested M Jackson song, very nostalgic hearing his voice. #
  • The Falcon Lords of ATLANTA can 'nest' comfortably knowing their LP is being mixed by the best, Graham Marsh #
  • Love it when old school relationships come back in play, like Kwame or Bryce Wilson. Good people, good business! #
  • Looking forward to my tues eve yoga class. a little different than the studio world and much more nourishing… #
  • Bangladesh is working out his beats with our engineer Mac Attkisson. Super focus is what I see and hear! #
  • Looks like Exit and Akon are keeping up the work, looks like there'll be another song for the Michael Jackson record. #
  • Trendsetter, ear candy maestro Miles Walker back on the streets of New York. He and Sean Garrett have work to do! #
  • Atlanta's best kept secret, The Falcon Lords will soon have their record mixed by Graham Marsh…who also produced it. Coming soon! #
  • Blast from my DARP STUDIO past – Bryce Wilson (Groove Theory) worked up here at Solitaire last night. What a great way to reconnect. #
  • Young Jeezy will be recording and touring at the same time and Karl Heilbron is helping with set up and of course will be the engineer! #
  • Great to see Tony Reyes today. Had a great writing Nashville trip and on his way to work with Corporal on some tracks for Rhianna. #
  • Exit made it home too and will get right back to mixing and giving good sound studio advice :)!! #
  • Graham Marsh is back in the ATL working with Cee -Lo finishing up Lo's solo record. Gonna be good! #

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