Weekly Tweets for 2009-06-14

by admin | 14th June 2009

  • Looking forward to spending time with Nicole and daughter Shaina a the house!! #
  • ‘TV on the Radio ‘playing Saturday night at the Tabernacle here in ATL. They are Great and have a super show. #
  • Universal /Rep Sera B will be starting her record next week in Nashville. Carlton Lynn and Tony Reyes on deck for the road trip! #
  • The drought in Kenya still tragic. My sister Joyce is on the ground with http://www.kenyawaterislife.com helping Red Cross target groups for food. #
  • Engineer Karl Heilbron last seen walking into his ‘office’ the studio. Another long productive day with Young Jeezy! #
  • Very exciting conversation about The Constellations and “Felicia” with 99X PD BJ Kinard! Huge buzz building. Love it! Great Ben & Elijiah! #
  • Kudos to Kate Earl and her itunes positioning! Great to see the songs for sale. Way to go Ben Allen and Kate Earl! #
  • Crossing my fingers that my new PC is up and running. It blew up yesterday after being NEW on Friday. Not a good sign. #
  • Sweet, looks like Sean Garrett will be working here with engineer Miles Walker today. Will be good to see everyone! #
  • Those New Tricks Girls have the wordpress skills and the HUMOR to keep our http://www.milkmoneyconsulting.com site ROCKIN’! #
  • Busy day. The Constellations will be in for a CD pickup, Ben Allen’s in Athens with the Whigs, Mac is on the grind with Jeezy!! #

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