Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-17

by admin | 17th May 2009

  • Sinus headaches are no fun. Anyone have a more ‘natural’ solution to helping this eye squinting, head aching condition? #
  • My Netflix came in with ‘Brazil’, I haven’t seen that in years. Looking forward to watching….after work :). #
  • Cee Lo will be doing voice overs for Cartoon Network today, perfect voice for that! Mac Attkisson’s eng. with Plies & Bangladesh. #
  • Speech and the Arrested Development guys are looking great! Their new music is super FRESH. Let’s see if we can have Ben this record! #
  • So happy to have no sinus headache! Jet Lag is Done!! Very sad to say, “Goodbye” to my sister Joyce. Back to Kenya, http://www.waterislifekenya.com #
  • Exit’s mixed Akon/D Guetta today! Ben’s jetlagged and happy, Graham rocked the Selmanaires’ track, Miles is working with Boa & S Garrett. #
  • Have a serious headache…want it to go away. #
  • Graham Marsh in Maze recording ATL’s The Selmanaires, Ben Allen’s on a plane, Mac tore down Bangladesh gear, Miles is with Sean Garrett. #
  • MM guys are working, the accountant just left, sun in the skies and suffering from jet lag! Happy for the sun, clouds and cold in Denmark. #

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