Weekly Tweets for 2009-04-12

by admin | 12th April 2009

  • The Easter Bunny is working hard for the morning hunt!!! Exit will have a fun Easter in Europe with Akon and Ben will work on Easter! #
  • Easter(almost), Passover (now), Spring & a sunny day!! A healthy family and friend who I love. Awesome day!! #
  • Kinda wondering why Royalty Network Publisher’s won’t return Brad’s calls for splits that they have on file. Passin’ the buck… #
  • After years of great acts and poor payment, Bad Boy has been consistenly GREATwith invoice payments. Amazing difference. Change is real. #
  • Keepin’ an eye on the weather. A bunch of us are going to the Braves opener…with slickers and ponchos. #
  • Talked to engineer Exit! Yes, I am getting chocolates from Belgium while he’s there with Akon. So pysched about that. Ummm yummy. #
  • 2 smokin’ female artists with similar names…God what to do? Lindsay Rae Spurlock and Lindsey Ray. My bets are with LIndsay Rae Spurlock!! #
  • The New Tricks girls had fun building http://www.milkmoneyconsulting.com, wonder what new and lovely ideas they’ll bring back from WPCamp. #
  • Long productive night for engineer Vernon Mungo with producer J Lack working on muisc for Usher. #
  • Silent Sound is home to another fine day of our engineer Miles Walker in with Sean Garrett & Mario. Gotta Love it! #
  • Back to Atlanta pollen…where is it?….in every possible nook and cranny. #
  • Graham Marsh’s wedding invitations are as gorgeous as the new Cee-Lo records he was working on in Miami!! Gonna be an amazing wedding! #
  • Ben Allen finished mixing a song for CANADIAN Band Holy F..ck, HOT! Did it here in Maze and wrapping up mixes for LSChampion & G.Ole Party #
  • We’re expecting postcards from…Engineer Exit in Belgium with Akon and from Karl in Hawaii with Jeezy…and CHOCOLATES & COFFEE! #
  • Hot 100 charts show our mixer Miles Walker with a #27 song, “How do you Sleep?” for artist Jesse McCartney feat. Ludacris!! Sweet, Go Ahead! #
  • After 12 yrs of Alzheimer’s, our dear family friend DJ McGinnis has passed. What a bright light she was. Hugs and love to her family #
  • No snow today lots of biz details and envious of engineer Karl Heilbron who is LOVING his work time in Hawaii with Kanye & Young Jeezy. #
  • Miles, how are you doing today? Another big session with Sean Garrett ? How’s the pollen treating you? #
  • Our Danish Producer Tommy Gee is comin with smokin’ tracks. Can’t wait to see what he & Ben come up with when Ben is in Copenahgen in May. #
  • Engineer Ben Allen back in the ATL to mix Grand Ole Party, that means Juno his boxer is home too. Yeah!! #
  • Looking forward to Taos New Mexico! Can’t wait to be in those mountains. #
  • Just debating about the efficacy of putting all late ‘Payers’ on blast via Twitter!! Record Labels & Independents alike. #
  • Nothing is more exciting (irony) than spending 4 hrs with our lovely and esteemed accountant Mark Podhorzer doing quarterlies! #
  • LOL, women are about their business, but have to be fair, not more than men, we just do it differently. #
  • I looked into the parking lot and my once silver car is a faint shade of chartreuse. Anybody else’s eyes itching and tearing up? Pollen.. #
  • Mark ‘Exit’ Goodchild is mixing the artist today up at Tree Sound. Engineer Graham Marsh is back in Atlanta & making wedding plans!! #
  • So glad Miles Walker scored another great mix with Universal Artist – >London! Having super studio success at Atlanta’s Silent Sound Studios #

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